Monday, December 12, 2011


MedP 160 was a great follow up course to MedP 150. It expanded on the different aspects involved in making media. I already knew about blogs and had one, but MedP 160 enhanced my understanding of websites including learning about html. I could now create the coding for my website. MedP 160 allowed me to become much more hands on with production, editing, and collaborating with others to get projects completed.

The midterm exam covered relevant topics that we had discussed and learned about in lecture. However, I don't think these courses, MedP 150 and 160, need to require written exams. Their purpose is to have students involved in the filmmaking/media department and make them work with equipment as you would do in the real world. Exams take away from that. If the professors or school require to have exams then there should be a non-cumulative final where the professor chooses what will be given.

My favorite blog assignment would be the interview/production assignment. In a lot of ways, I learned a lot about myself in getting a project done. Having a deadline forced me to focus more intensely on the project. I liked the idea of writing my ideas down and shooting them. Then with the editing process, I enjoyed being in control of the visuals and audio. I can manipulate the audio interview even more by adding an effect from final cut pro. It helped in trying to create a certain mood for the audience.

Another blog assignment that I really enjoyed was analyzing a scene from one of my favorite movies, For a Few Dollars More. It was interesting because I learned more about the movie as I examined it. I paid close attention to the audio. The sounds and the music Leone used have as strong an effect as his visual images. The wide shots coupled with the extreme close ups are powerful techniques to tell his story.