Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog 3

Maybe if I would've had more editing time, I could've had some moving shots of Kristen playing rugby. The moving footage that I shot was too shaky so I didn't use it. I definitely forgot to put my name in the end credits, but it's fine. I changed the music from a symphony sound to a hip hop instrumental and I think it sounds better. I took the best parts of Kristen's interview and edited it together. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable with the visuals I have. The pauses have a black screen. The purpose for this was to provide a breather for the audience. The intent was to move from topic to subtopic without losing the integrity of the interview. It was difficult transitioning from the rugby material to the more serious material. I had trouble finding visual images to go in this part, but I just ended up using some rugby footage and then I quickly cut to what I shot with Kristen, and the music fades back in.